Audiovisual Production Company in Medellín, Colombia

We are a film and advertising production company with more than 8 years of experience

We are curious and see each step of this process as constant growth over time. We focus on the production of feature films, short films, advertising and fashion films, our works have been highlighted in festivals such as Berlin Fashion Film Festival and UK Fashion films Festival.

We have worked with big brands nationally and internationally, who have trusted our experience and creativity in audiovisual production.

Konkretus / Commercial
Fashion Films Gef Colors
GEF_Colors / Fashion Film
producción fashion film punto blanco
Punto Blanco / CON-SIENTE – Fashion Film
Nosotras / Intima Wear – commercial (extended)
producción audiovisual para fashion film
Punto Blanco / Dimensiones – Fashion Film
producción de comercial galax postobon
GALAX / POSTOBON – Commercial
producción de comercial gef
GEF / Viajeros – Lentejas – Commercial
producción de comercial en colombia, leonisa
Leonisa / Neutro – Commercial
producción de fashion film comercial punto blanco
Punto Blanco Athletic / Fashion Film – Commercial
producción de reel para gef
Gef / Sofía Gómez – Profile reel
producción audiovisual en colombia para nosotras
Nosotras / Behind The Scenes
Fashion Film marca Alado
Alado / Deforestación – Fashion Film
Producción de documental-Punto blanco-nativa
Punto Blanco / Nativa – Documentary
Documental-Angel In Us-Mexico
Angel In Us / Mexico – Docummentary

Why choose Álamo as your audiovisual production company in Colombia?

We are a concept in motion. An audiovisual production company that explores from an angle, a shadow, a vanishing point, an entrance and exit towards the unknown. Our curiosity leads us to take new paths… paths that will possibly lead us to concepts never explored.

Álamo Audiovisual is an audiovisual production company in Medellín, Colombia.

Creators of exciting stories

We create and propose audiovisual narratives that take content to another level.

We put our experience and creativity to create audiovisual content that maximizes its impact on the audience. We believe in talent as a key pillar in production, we work with the best human team in audiovisual production, they understand the importance of telling stories in a captivating way.

At Álamo Audiovisual, each project is carefully worked on from conceptualization to post-production, ensuring that every detail is aligned with the project’s objectives.