What do we do?

Feature films and documentaries

producción de largometrajes y documentales en Colombia

Our experience also covers the audiovisual production of Feature Films and Short Films in Colombia. We currently have two projects in the development stage with which we have participated in markets and laboratories, and one in the production stage.


At Álamo, we have collaborated with renowned brands in Colombia and Latin America, infusing each project with our imaginative team’s creative essence. Through our visionary approach, we have embraced the world of fashion films, unlocking the realm of sharp and stylized aesthetics. With every endeavor, we weave together the threads of artistic expression and commercial storytelling, crafting mesmerizing visual experiences that transcend boundaries.

Audiovisual production service

If you are looking for production services in Colombia, we have the local knowledge you need, and Colombia have a good law in terms of incentives, locations, and the best crew.

Colombia offers two incentive options for international productions conducted within the country. The first option is a cash rebate, which provides a reimbursement to the producer. This rebate is paid out 5-6 months after the last eligible payment is made during the production or post-production period, the cash rebate is 40% for film services and 20% for film logistic services. The second option is a transferrable tax certificate, which can be traded on the financial market. This certificate is worth 35% of the foreign investment made in Colombia for production services, with a net value of 33.25% after a 5% payback to the Colombian film commission. Both incentives apply to services provided by Colombian entities or residents.

Experts in production of feature films and documentaries in Colombia

produccion audiovisual de largometrajes

The quality of our audiovisual projects speaks of the effort and passion that we imbue in each stage of the audiovisual process.

We ensure that each audiovisual production reflects the essence of your brand and connects with your audience. If you are looking for an ally for the production of feature films, documentaries and series in Colombia and Latin America, you have come to the right place! We seek to create stories that impact and unite worlds that seem difficult to connect.