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A Colombian Fashion Film, Nominated at Major Festivals

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A fashion film is a cinematic production that focuses on expressing and conveying art, highlighting the blend between fashion’s visual aesthetics and cinematic narrative.

Moreover, these productions are often used as a marketing tool in the fashion industry to showcase a brand, design, or collection.

These short films can vary in style and approach, from more traditional narratives to experimental explorations of fashion as art.

In summary, it is an audiovisual work that seeks to express fashion in a creative and artistic manner.

“Equilibrio,” the latest Fashion Film produced by Álamo Audiovisual, has been nominated in national and international festivals:

Álamo Audiovisual, a production company located in Medellín, Colombia, recently garnered several nominations for the production of “Equilibrio,” created for Punto Blanco, a clothing and fashion brand.

This significant project was directed by the producer, creative director, and cinematographer, Camilo Velásquez, who has over 10 years of experience in creating scripts, directing actors and models, and developing commercials.

Thanks to the impeccable production by Álamo Audiovisual, “Equilibrio” has received important nominations:

Selected at the Berlin Fashion Film Festival:

This festival, founded in 2012, aims to internationally and nationally highlight prominent fashion brands and emerging independent designers.

Official selection at the Sarajevo Film Festival:

Established in 1995 during the siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War, it has solidified its position as the most prominent cinematic event in the Balkans and one of the most intriguing in Europe, attracting film enthusiasts and distinguished professionals.

Official selection at the Bogotá Fashion Film:

The Bogotá Fashion Film Festival is an inclusive event that promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences among students, emerging artists in the audiovisual and fashion fields, and professionals with extensive backgrounds.

This competition provides participants with the opportunity to present their projects in a creative format that seeks to transform the industry

At this festival, “Equilibrio” won the award for Best Original Music.

Nominated for Best Fashion Film at the UK Fashion Film Festival:

Established since 2013 by professionals from the film and fashion industries, under the leadership of Beatrice Bloom, who serves as the president and director of the event.

The first award ceremony took place in 2014.

Annually, filmmakers, designers, agencies, and record labels from various parts of the world have the opportunity to submit their works, which are carefully evaluated by the organizers before forming the official list of nominees for the prestigious award.

In this same nomination, “Equilibrio,” the unparalleled project by Álamo Audiovisual, won in the category of Best Dance and Music at the UK Fashion Film Festival in the United Kingdom.

“Equilibrio,” Álamo Audiovisual’s fashion film, is exhibited in the cinema hall of the Museum of Modern Art in Medellín and also in the main cinemas throughout the country.

Do you have a project to undertake?

With Álamo Audiovisual, turn your fashion film into a masterpiece that transcends borders and leaves a lasting impact on the industry!

Write to us right now; our team will be delighted to collaborate with you on a project full of success.

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