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Audiovisual Production Services in Colombia

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In this article, we will focus on Álamo Audiovisual, a prominent production company located in Medellín, Colombia. Recognized as a leader in cinematic creation and excellence, Álamo stands out for providing excellent audiovisual production services in Colombia.

Incentives for Audiovisual Production Services in Colombia

In Colombia, incentives for audiovisual production are mechanisms designed to encourage and support the film, television, and audiovisual content industry.

These incentives aim to attract investments, stimulate job creation, promote cultural and geographical diversity, and enhance the development of audiovisual projects both nationally and internationally.

The process to access these incentives generally involves submitting projects to government entities, obtaining certifications, and meeting specific requirements.

It is important to verify the current regulations and consult with local experts to obtain updated and specific information about available incentives, as regulations may change over time.

Regulations for Audiovisual Production Services in Colombia

At Álamo Audiovisual, we operate within the Colombian legal framework, committed to transparency and professionalism in every production phase. We explore the regulations supporting the audiovisual industry in Colombia, highlighting how these ensure integrity and quality in our services.

Below, discover the main laws and key regulations related to audiovisual production in Colombia:

Law 814 of 2003:

This regulation establishes quotas for the production and broadcast of national content on television channels in the country. It is known as the cinema law.

Aimed at promoting and strengthening the Colombian audiovisual industry by ensuring the dissemination of national productions in the media.

Law 1556 of 2012:

Also known as the filming law in Colombia, this legislation aims to promote and strengthen the film and audiovisual industry in the country.

Its main objective is to establish a regulatory framework that encourages the production, distribution, exhibition, and promotion of Colombian films and audiovisual works.

Law 23 of 1982:

This law is responsible for censoring and classifying all content of audiovisual productions before distribution.

Decision 351 of Law 23 of 1982 – Cartagena Agreement:

It guarantees and protects copyright.

Certification of Projects of National Interest (PIN):

Identifies projects considered of national interest that can access additional benefits.

Cinematographic Development Fund (FDC):

Finances film and audiovisual projects through resources from the parafiscal contribution rate of the industry.

Regional Incentives:

Promotes production in different regions of the country.

Institutions Supporting Audiovisual Production Services in Colombia:

  • Proimágenes Colombia
  • Icetex

The Ministry of Culture and entities like Proimágenes Colombia are key resources for obtaining updated information and guidance regarding specific regulations.

Locations for Audiovisual Production Services in Colombia

Diverse and naturally beautiful settings!

Colombia offers a wealth of locations that enhance any production. From the historic streets of Cartagena to the imposing landscapes of the Colombian Guajira, each setting tells a unique story.

At Álamo, we offer essential guidance so that in your audiovisual project, you can showcase the rich geographical and cultural diversity of Colombia, giving each scene the visual expression you imagine and desire.

Discover the power of audiovisual production in Colombia!

Visit our website to explore in detail our services, our team, and the previous productions that support us.

For direct inquiries, resolution of doubts, or to discuss your specific project, do not hesitate to contact us through our WhatsApp line.

At Álamo Audiovisual, we are committed to being your partners in creating productions that transcend borders and captivate audiences worldwide.

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Incentives for Audiovisual Production in Colombia

Incentives for Audiovisual Production in Colombia

In this article, we will explore in detail the incentives for audiovisual production in Colombia, focusing